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File created: 5/22/2018 In control: Special Committee of the Whole
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Title: Engineering and Public Works - 2018 First Period Report
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DATE:                       May 28, 2018                     Report No. EPW-18-022

TO:                       Laurie Hurst, Chief Administrative Officer                                           

FROM:                      Jeff Miller, Director of Engineering and Public Works

SUBJECT:TITLEEngineering and Public Works - 2018 First Period Report



The following is a report on the activities pertaining to the Engineering and Public Works from January 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018.




1.                     Sanitary Sewer

                     8 service laterals installed (new) this period (total for the year = 8).

                     8 service laterals replaced (due to blockages) this period (total for the year = 8).

                     Test and clear inspections as and when required.

                     0 manholes replaced this period (total for the year = 0).


2.                     Pump Stations

                     Crews have been carrying out routine maintenance activities.

                     Preparing annual program for pump maintenance/controls inspection.

                     Program also includes coordinating similar activities for View Royal pump stations.

                     Initial work for developing scope of work for lockout locations on the various stations has been completed. Work to be carried out in the second period of 2018.


3.                     Storm Drains

                     8 service laterals installed (new) this period (total for the year = 8).

                     6 service laterals replaced (due to blockages) this period (total for the year = 6)

                     Test and clear inspections as and when required.

                     2 manholes replaced this period (total for the year = 2).

                     Program for catch basin cleaning was initiated. Spot cleaning ongoing for the remainder of the year.

                     Training program for spill response has been passed back to the Township from the CRD. Working with other stakeholders to develop a scope for the program.


4.                     Liquid Waste Management

Waste Water - inflow and Infiltration

                     Strategy for cost sharing was presented to Committee of the Whole in the third period.

                     Staff to develop feedback into a working strategy in 2018.

                     The Engineering Department to begin modeling the sanitary sewer system in the first period and obtain assistance as required from a consultant for the model analysis and model refinement. Interpretation of smoke testing results to take place in the first and second periods of 2018.


Liquid Waste Management Plan

                     Participate on the Esquimalt Liaison Committee to review concerns and activities associated with the Waste Water Treatment Plant project.


Integrated Watershed Management

                     Staff participating as a member of the committee.

                     Working with CRD on the development and implementation of common design guidelines for storm water management.


5.                     Roads

                     Snow and Ice Control programs carried out as required.

                     Pothole repair being carried out as required.

                     Spring sweeping program initiated.

                     Annual line painting contract to be awarded in second period. Work to be completed in second period.

                     Crack sealing program being reviewed. Program to start in the second period.

                     Carried out surface restoration for third parties.

                     Approximately 182.38 tonnes of asphalt placed for the period (total for the year = 182.38 tonnes).


6.                     Traffic Management

                     Carried out implementation of ICBC/Township Report on uniform signage with issuing of required traffic orders.


7.                     Sidewalk Maintenance

                     Carried out surface restoration for third parties.

                     Approximately 46.2 cubic meters of concrete (includes curb and gutter and sidewalk panels) was placed (total for the year = 46.2 cubic meters).

                     Approximately 184.8 linear meters was replaced for the period (total for the year = 184.8 linear meters).


8.                     Sidewalk Ramps

                     Program will be undertaken in the second period.

                     Two sidewalk ramp locations have been identified.

                     1 sidewalk ramp completed this period.


9.                     Trip Hazards

                     As per Council Policy PLAN-17 Sidewalk Maintenance, trip hazard inspection survey has been completed.

                     second year of three year cycle

                     Survey determined that there are:

o                     19 - No. 1 trip hazards (2 completed to date)

o                     82 - No. 2 trip hazards

o                     154 - No. 3 trip hazards

                     Work will continue in the second period for correction of the hazards.


10.                     Bus Shelters

                     Normal maintenance schedule underway.

                     Includes refuse collection, graffiti removal and power washing of the shelters and sidewalks adjacent to them.


11.                     Solid Waste Management

Garbage and Kitchen Scraps Collection

                     Operations normal.

                     Number of additional garbage and organic bins purchased to the end of period = 16 (total additional bins purchased since 2014 = 234).

                     Tonnage of garbage waste stream collected for period = 422.04 (total for the year = 422.04).

                     Tonnage of kitchen scraps collected for period = 181.14 (total for the year = 181.14).

                     Tonnage for year = 603.18 (total for same period 2017 = 527.69).

                     CRD is continuing the program processing of kitchen scraps in/out of region locations.

                     No updates have been provided by the CRD on the possibility of combining kitchen scraps, bio solids and yard/garden waste. Staff will continue to work on this initiative with CRD.


Yard and Garden

                     Operations normal.

                     Usage of transfer station during period: January to April:

o                     Esquimalt residents = 3,837 (total for the year = 3,837).

o                     View Royal residents = 1,364 (total for the year = 1,364).

o                     Commercial = 34 (total for the year = 34).

o                     Tonnage removed from site = 390.11 (total for the year = 390.11).

o                     Tonnage removed in 2017 first period = 352.54 (total for 2017 = 2240.08).



                     Operations normal.

                     Staff preparing a new contract for tender in the second period of 2018.


12.                     Fleet

                     Operations normal.

                     Working on developing specifications and tender packages for the following items in 2018:

o                     Van

o                     Bylaw truck

§                     A request for proposal will be prepared to confirm availability of electric truck.

o                     ¾ ton truck

o                     Crew cab with dump box

o                     Parade float

§                     Preliminary concepts have been completed.

§                     Staff carrying out further engagement with Public.

§                     The refined concepts to be discussed in the second period of 2018.

o                     Desalination trailer


13.                     Work for Others

                     Work orders for call outs and/or repairs at View Royal pump stations for the period = 1 (total for the year = 1).

                     Work orders issued for asphalt/sidewalk repairs following work by other utilities for the period = 25 (total for the year = 25).

                     Work orders issued for sanitary and storm services to accommodate new development in the period = 9 (total for the year = 9).


14.                     Capital Projects


14.1                     Traffic Counts

                     Traffic counts will occur in the second period of 2018.


14.2                     Corridor/Traffic Study

                     Corridor and traffic studies for: Lampson Street, Tillicum Road, Lyall Street and traffic counts were bundled and issued for request for proposal.

                     Contract awarded in January 2018.

                     Preliminary designs being completed along with modelling.

                     Public engagement will occur in second and third periods.

                     Review of the potential location of a controlled intersection along Tillicum Road between Craigflower Road and Tillicum Bridge will be in conjunction with Amenity Funds discussions.


14.3                     Multiple Storm Drain/Sanitary Sewer Main Replacements

                     Various sections of main line (storm/sanitary) will be removed and replaced based on condition assessment.

                     Locations include:

§                     Esquimalt Road (sanitary sewer line)

§                     Lampson Street (sanitary sewer line)

§                     Selkirk Road (storm drain line)

§                     Head Street (storm drain manhole)

                     Additional locations are being identified by condition assessment from cameraing of lines from Road Corridor Program.


14.4                     Review of Public Works Fuel Tanks

                     The study will review the integrity of the fuel tanks at Public Works and confirm the condition of the tanks.

                     Preparing a Request for Proposal in 2018.


14.5                     Service Line Modification in Public Works Yard

                     The storm collection laterals within the Public Works Yard need to be modified.

                     This project will see the rerouting of the storm service to the sanitary service in order to be better to control water quality.


14.6                     Inspection of Masonry Structures

                     An inventory of the masonry structures has been completed.

                     In 2018 a consultant will be retained to assist in the assessment of the structures.


14.7                     Municipal Hall Upgrade

                     The flooring in the Municipal Hall requires upgrading due to its age and usage.

                     In addition the common areas of the Hall require painting.

                     Work initiated in the first period and will be completed early in the second period.


14.8                     Replacement of Emergency Generator at Public Works

                     This project will upgrade the emergency generator to ensure that the public works operations and secondary emergency operations centre will not be impeded by a lack of power.

                     Based on review of the generator, it is undersized.

                     Will develop a scope of work for the project in 2018.


14.9                     Tillicum Bridge Maintenance

                     This project involves significant maintenance to the Tillicum Bridge.

                     Saanich will be the lead manager on this project with engineering working with them during the construction portion of the Project.


14.10                     Municipal Hall HVAC Control System Replacement

                     IT and PW have started the preparation of a scope of work for replacement of the HVAC control system.

                     Work to be carried out in the third period.


14.11                     Tillicum Road Corridor Upgrade

                     This project will see the removal/replacement of concrete and asphalt works between Craigflower Road and Transfer Street.

                     The detailed design has been completed.

                     A tender call occurred early the second period.

                     Work to be completed in the second and third periods.


14.12                     Street Light Replacement Program

                     Annual program for replacement to be started in the second period.

                     A total of 103 lights replaced along the following streets: Craigflower Road, Tillicum Road and Lampson Street.


14.13                     Sidewalk Capital Program

                     This project increases the sidewalk network in length and improves connectivity.

                     The program saw the installation of a concrete sidewalk on Kinver Street from Wychbury Avenue to Greenwood Avenue.

                     Work is to be completed in the second and third periods.

                     Work will also be carried out to acquire right of way on Admirals Road between the Constance cut across and Bewdley.

                     This will allow sidewalk construction to proceed in 2019.

                     The 2016 project (between Old Esquimalt Road and 832 Esquimalt Road) has been initiated and partially completed.

                     Underground lines have found to be in poor shape and a replacement strategy is being undertaken.

                     Work is to be completed in the second and third periods.


14.14                     Sidewalk Replacement Program

                     This project sees existing sidewalks upgraded to current standards.

                     The program will see the installation of a concrete sidewalk on Nelson Street from Lyall Street to mid block.

                     Work is to be completed in the second and third periods.


14.15                     Road Corridor Program

                     This program will see the update of various road corridors for both above/below surface infrastructure.

                     The first step has been a review of the geotechnical information.

                     Pipe infrastructure inspections will continue.

                     Roads included in the program are the arterials and collectors.

                     Work to be completed in the second and third periods.

                     Utilizing the information to determine the scope of work for the 2019 program.


14.16                     Tillicum Road/Colville Road Ramp Upgrade

                     This project will see an upgrade to the existing concrete ramp on the North West corner of the intersection.

                     The grade will be decreased in order to provide greater accessibility.

                     The work will be carried out in the second and third periods.


14.17                     Crosswalks on Esquimalt Road

                     Based on a prior study, two pedestrian controlled crosswalks will be added across from the ETS site and at Grenville Avenue.

                     The Park Place crosswalk will be decommissioned.

                     Work was initiated in the second period of 2018.


14.18                     Esquimalt Road Improvements

                     Funding was approved for curb paint removal along with weed control. This work has been completed.


14.19                     ETAG

                     Recruitment drive in second period.

                     Public Works/Parks Departments continue to carry out work on the public realm as required.


14.20                     Esquimalt Town Square Project Advancement

Brown Field Remediation

                     Additional physical remediation of the contamination areas initiated and completed.

                     Development of risk assessment component of remediation plan ongoing.

                     Application for Certificate of Compliance to occur in second period.


Storm and Sanitary Relocation

                     New locations for storm and sanitary service laterals have been completed.

                     Temporary storm and sanitary pump stations installed.

                     Work to be tendered in the second period with construction in the third period.


14.21                     1237 Esquimalt Road Demolition

                     The existing building will be demolished.

                     In order to determine what type of building materials are present, a building assessment was carried out in the first period.

                     The tender for demolition will be released in the second period.


14.22                     Head Street and Esquimalt Road Intersection

                     Scope of work will be developed for the upgrading of lights/poles for the intersection in 2018.

                     Design is scheduled for mid 2018.


14.23                     Lockley Road/Intervale Road Accessibility Modification

                     The south east corner of the intersection will be modified in order to allow greater accessibility for the public with the removal of the stairs and replacement with a sloped sidewalk.

                     Design and construction are scheduled for mid 2018.


14.24                     Inflow and Infiltration Control Program

                     Engineering has prepared preliminary modelling data in early 2018.

                     Based on this modelling data, initial modeling will be carried out.

                     Will prepare a draft bylaw for Inflow and Infiltration Control for discussion in 2018 which will include cost sharing program for cross connections and service line condition.

                     Pilot project for inspection chambers and cameraing to be initiated in the second period of 2018.


14.25                     Traffic Orders

                     Program for implementation from Traffic Control Review report (EPW-16-001) has been initiated.

                     Traffic Orders have been issued for this work.

                     Number of traffic orders issued this period = 12 (total for the year = 12).


15.                     Development Applications

                     Number of development applications for engineering comments this period = 10 (total for the year = 10).

                     Number of building permit applications for engineering comments =38 (total for the year = 38.


II.                     COMMITTEES


                     No staff is appointed to sit on any Council appointed committees.